Special Needs Christmas Fundraiser Tee, Grey

Special Needs Christmas Fundraiser Tee, Grey



“Joy that overflows.” -John 15:11

It’s our favorite time of year, where we get to spread a little joy. Introducing our Operation Santa Bag 2022 fundraising shirts! Proceeds will go to The Arc of Cumberland County to give our special friends in need a Christmas.

This has been a program Gi and I have chaired for the past 7 years, and what seems like a small purchase makes a HUGE impact.

We are given the lists of people in our special needs community that not only won’t have a Christmas, but oftentimes don’t have family either.

But you know what? These Santa Bags give them something to look forward to when they wake up on Christmas morning when they think they’ve been forgotten. YOU do that for them.

Sure, these shirts are adorable. But what you’re giving is so much more when you purchase one.

*Tees will ship/be ready for local pickup the week of December 6. You will receive a confirmation email.